The end product is exactly what I wanted, but couldn’t have articulated on my own!

Gary R Cohan MD logoI’m a Los Angeles-based physician (M.D.) and have had a professional website for my patients for at least 15 years – revised by other “web designers” twice, but it was looking tired and dated, wasn’t mobile-device-friendly and generally needed a complete makeover for 2016.

I had a reasonably good idea of what I was looking for and interviewed several web designers who just “didn’t get it.” Either vastly overpriced and up-selling me on features that I didn’t need or were rank amateurs playing with canned WordPress software that I could have done myself.

Boris, in contrast, was a breath of fresh air. He asked all the right questions up front, suggested fresh, clean looks and navigation for the site, cut out a fair bit of unnecessarily bloated information that was crowding my web pages and the end product is exactly what I wanted, but couldn’t have articulated at the outset without his communication skills, great insights, technical expertise and design guidance.

Bottom line: Boris became the empathetic and understanding “doctor” for an ailing medical website and not only “cured” the patient, but made it better, stronger and “healthier” for the new technical landscape of mobile communications. And he did it in record time from 3000 miles away for a VERY reasonable price. Couldn’t recommend Boris and Speed of Like more highly for anyone looking for a modern, mobile-friendly, fully-functional professional website.

Gary R. Cohan, M.D.