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Goal: Create a new website for Dori Zerlin—a Los Angeles Based Based Nutrionist

Beyond a visual representation, a website must tell the business’s story—what makes them different from every competitor. Speed of Like worked with Dori Zerlin to create a visually engaging website, logo, and brand that reflects the tagline that Speed of Like helped create,”Love your food. Love your body. Love your life.”

Dori has a passion for helping her clients achieve optimal health by empowering them with nutrition education. She also enjoys assisting clients in learning how to have a healthy relationship with their food, body, and mind.  She understands that there is no one “diet” or “quick fix” that works for everyone. That’s why she provides her clients with individualized one-on-one nutritional advice and steps to meet their unique health and dietary goals.

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Achieving Dori Zerlin’s Goals

Aspects Speed of Like focused on in the development of the new website include:

A custom template was created to reflect Dori Zerlin’s philosophy of nature-based, personalized nutrition. Strong visuals of vitamin-rich foods, a clean and cheerful design with plenty of white space were employed throughout.

Clean, clear and stylish fonts were used for the logo.  The colors and fonts present in the logo were then implemented strategically throughout the site for a crisp final product.

Speed of Like worked with Dori Zerlin to create the tagline “Love your food. Love your body. Love your life.”

Speed of Like implemented an easy-to-use Amazon Affiliate system into Dori Zerlin’s website for e-commerce functionality.

The benefits of this system include:

  • Quick and easy import of Amazon products onto her site
  • A shopping cart which allows customers to checkout multiple products through Amazon, earning her affiliate commissions to supplement her coaching business
  • Added SEO for the website

These services are provided at no extra cost with a new Speed of Like website, unless otherwise requested by a client:

  • Search engine optimized (SEO) titles, headings, and descriptions
  • Social media “share” and “follow” integration tailored to channels of choice
  • Customized social media preview images on applicable pages and posts
  • Theme customized to aesthetic and functional needs of client
  • Responsive design, tested to work natively across multiple platforms and browser sizes
  • Easy-to-update newsroom featuring press releases, testimonials, and feature articles
  • Email list platform integration
  • Calls to action from appropriate pages to drive appointment requests and email sign-ups
  • Contact form(s) customized to the needs of the company
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster tools integration for SEO and performance monitoring
  • Sitemaps created and submitted to Google for crawling and better indexing
  • 30-day support and functionality guarantee
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What Dori Zerlin Says

I am so THANKFUL for Speed of Like! I was in dire need for a new website and had a one week deadline to finish it, however, Speed of Like came to my rescue. They replied to all my questions immediately and with incredible ease. I barely had to tell them what I needed because they somehow already knew what would work best with their artistic insight and clever intuition. Overall, Speed of Like are quick workers, detail oriented, creative, insightful and very affordable. They literally made my website into a masterpiece overnight! I would highly recommend them!

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