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National Obesity Foundation was created to help the nearly 35% of Americans struggling with obesity and related diseases. Through education and partnerships with medical professionals, like-minded organizations and generous individuals, NOF created programs to raise awareness, increase access to treatment, and educate the public on both the dangers of and the solutions to the epidemic impacting the United States. Their website and social media efforts, however, were not having the desired impact.

Speed of Like was brought on board to first redesign the website with a clear structure that appealed to their target demographic, then to create and execute an ongoing strategy of content, social media management, and marketing.

Achieving NOF’s Goals

In order to help NOF increase its visibility, traffic and impact, Speed of Like focused on the following areas:

While there are several organizations with similar goals, NOF stood apart from others in its willingness to go above and beyond to serve the needs of obesity sufferers and the medical professionals who treat them.

  • Pages and articles were created with first- and second-level headings that focused on areas of interest for the obesity community and medical professionals
  • Content on those pages was created to answer the questions that people might have if searching for those terms—boosting not only SEO, but also the trust of potential beneficiaries and supporters

Social media channels were populated on a daily basis with content that provided value to the target audience. Original content was promoted and advertised on various platforms to gain visibility.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Speed of Like created over 60 original articles, study reports, and press releases that delivered value to the obese community.
  • The articles were sent out to newsletter subscribers, shared and promoted on social media (including targeted advertising).

These original articles accounted for over 40,000 pageviews on the website.

Email is the most reliable method of digital communication with a fan-base, so list-building had to be a priority.

  • Modal popups were engaged to promote receiving news and updates in the fight against obesity
  • Calls to action were placed throughout the site and at the ends of articles
  • Newsletters were sent every Tuesday with summaries of the latest original article or study summary on the website, with links to the complete article

These services are provided at no extra cost with a new Speed of Like website, unless otherwise requested by a client:

  • Search engine optimized (SEO) titles, headings, and descriptions
  • Social media “share” and “follow” integration tailored to channels of choice
  • Customized social media preview images on applicable pages and posts
  • Theme customized to aesthetic and functional needs of client
  • Responsive design, tested to work natively across multiple platforms and browser sizes
  • Easy-to-update newsroom featuring press releases, testimonials, and feature articles
  • Email list platform integration
  • Calls to action from appropriate pages to drive appointment requests and email sign-ups
  • Contact form(s) customized to the needs of the company
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster tools integration for SEO and performance monitoring
  • Sitemaps created and submitted to Google for crawling and better indexing
  • 30-day support and functionality guarantee
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