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The end product is exactly what I wanted, but couldn’t have articulated on my own!

Gary R Cohan MD logoI’m a Los Angeles-based physician (M.D.) and have had a professional website for my patients for at least 15 years – revised by other “web designers” twice, but it was looking tired and dated, wasn’t mobile-device-friendly and generally needed a complete makeover for 2016.

I had a reasonably good idea of what I was looking for and interviewed several web designers who just “didn’t get it.” Either vastly overpriced and up-selling me on features that I didn’t need or were rank amateurs playing with canned WordPress software that I could have done myself.

Boris, in contrast, was a breath of fresh air. He asked all the right questions up front, suggested fresh, clean looks and navigation for the site, cut out a fair bit of unnecessarily bloated information that was crowding my web pages and the end product is exactly what I wanted, but couldn’t have articulated at the outset without his communication skills, great insights, technical expertise and design guidance.

Bottom line: Boris became the empathetic and understanding “doctor” for an ailing medical website and not only “cured” the patient, but made it better, stronger and “healthier” for the new technical landscape of mobile communications. And he did it in record time from 3000 miles away for a VERY reasonable price. Couldn’t recommend Boris and Speed of Like more highly for anyone looking for a modern, mobile-friendly, fully-functional professional website.

Gary R. Cohan, M.D.

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Better options than what we thought possible!

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They understood what we were trying to accomplish and were able to help us, give us better options than what we thought was possible and executed the changes efficiently and easily.


— Andrew Frank, Excutive Director
New York City Children’s Theater

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Working with Speed of Like was an incredible experience!

NYCCT website horizontal logo

Working with Speed of Like was an incredible experience. Boris was so patient and kind as he navigated us through the process of setting up our new website. He is extremely knowledgeable and was as invested in creating the best website for our company as we were.

I truly enjoyed working with him and hope to collaborate with Speed of Like in the future as well!

— Nicole Hogsett, Communications and Marketing Manager
New York City Children’s Theater

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A website that exceeded our expectations!

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When we developed and launched a new website for Magen Yeladim, Boris and the Speed of Like team were instrumental in enhancing the visual appeal and usability of the site for our users. Boris led us from the initial organizational stage through every aspect of development assisting in creating an easy to navigate website.

Boris is a talented and dedicated web designer and great to work with. Not only is he an amazing designer, but he has ingenious web skills with an eye for detail. Boris and team seem to have great awareness of new creative strategies and technology, which led to a website that exceeded our expectations.

I’d highly recommend Speed of Like for any type of web development and design services.

— Debbie Fox, Founder, MY Child Safety Institute

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Is it Time to Upgrade My Website?

The common metaphor for a website 10 years ago was “your virtual address on the internet.” And while that’s still true, today it’s so much more. It is a delivery system that transports your business to a customer’s computers, tablets, phones and increasingly more connected devices. In fact, an apt analogy would be to compare your website to a car—a digital, virtual car that drives your message, cause, product or service to the minds of your customer, supporter, and anyone else in the world interested in your offerings.

What does your car/website say about you?

Old dilapidated car
Your car is a reflection of the person who drives it: your values (performance, luxury, safety, family-friendliness), your ethos (gas guzzler, post-consumer ethanol, all-electric), even your personality (bobblehead in the rear and dice on the mirror say a lot). In short, it reflects the image you want to present when you arrive.

An old car (and we’re not talking about classics here) starts to say something about how much you care about—or are able to invest in—your presentation to the world. Personally, you might not care what people think of your car, but this is business. And if you show up to a power lunch at a high-end steakhouse in a 1988 Ford Fiesta, certain assumptions about your success and ability to execute on valuable tasks will get called into question.

So how often should you upgrade your car/website?

Features—­safety features, standards, environmental impact (mpg), technological bells and whistles—get updated on new cars regularly. You can retro-fit some things and live without others for a while, but eventually the investment to keep the car running starts to exceed the cost of buying a new one.

The same holds true for your website. New features and technologies are constantly being developed. And while very few brands need to appear to be on the bleeding edge of the latest tech, not keeping up affects SEO rankings, and new platform compatibility (think what happened to Flash since the debut of the iPhone and iPad). Even basic things like social media integration have evolved quickly over last few years (Facebook’s best-practice standards alone have changed a dozen times in the last two years). All of these factors affect the public’s perception of your business.

Don’t leave your websites (or your cars) unattended!

Abandoned car stripped of doors and windows
If you let your car sit idle for a long time the battery might die, your tires may deflate, the pain will degrade, leather might crack, and, if the wrong people notice, it might get broken into or stolen. Websites are no different. I learned this lesson the hard way. I once let a few of my personal sites run unattended for over half a year. One day, I opened them up and they were all blocked for “security purposes.” They’d been hacked. Code was injected that was potentially dangerous to people visiting the sites. This was NOT the image I wanted to present to the world.

It took a couple of days of wrangling and some (limited) assistance from my hosting company to get it resolved, then another few days for Google to clear the warning that my sites were dangerous. If these had been business sites, it could have cost me a lot in perception and lost revenue. Lesson learned.

New websites can help your business

…and save you money.

Today, it’s vital to monitor your site metrics on a regular basis for SEO, conversions and interactivity. Updating the underlying technology, social media tools and the content that sits on top of it is mission-critical to the success of your business. And, just like cars, every few years, it’s worth considering upgrading to a new one entirely—not only does it improve image and performance, it also gives you a chance to really revisit the content and the message that you’re sending to the world.

The good news is, technological advancements often make upgrading easier and cheaper than whenever you built your current site. Recently, one of my clients who was struggling with mounting developer costs to keep updating his ecommerce site that they had custom-coded for thousands of dollars just two years ago. Imagine his surprise when he learned that the same type of site could now be done (better) with a $60 template—plus some time and developer costs to customize it just the way they want, of course—and already includes all of the updates he wants and more.

Of course, the other question we love to get is “How much does a new website cost?” Hint: We’re going to compare it to cars again.

Is it time to update your website or build a new one? Contact us to
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